TomTom Golfer 2 GPS Watch Review

You do not have to carry bulky handheld golf GPS devices because there are some small and compact watches like the TomTom Golfer 2 with all the features that you need. This fantastic watch is a perfect fit for everyone, and it has some top notch features such as Shot Detection, Automatic Scorecard and Green and Hazard Graphics. And if you add the fact that it has a fantastic screen and more than 40,000 pre-loaded courses then you have an excellent device that will help take your game to the next level.

Features and Specification


TomTom Golfer 2 might have many similarities with its predecessor (TomTom), but it has a lot of improvements. Some of these improvements include swing measurement using a gyroscope and built-in motion sensor, and this is one of its biggest advantages. With this watch, you will not only get to know your distance potential but also a post-round analysis that is very detailed.




A best golf GPS watch gives you all the information that you need to enjoy the game, and this is more so if it is rich in features like TomTom 2. It is a very comfortable device to have on your hands but the fact that it gives you all the necessary information that you would expect from a standard golf GPS s what most golfer love about it. This device is also quite affordable, and its small screen is easy to read under any lighting condition. However, some golfers also complain about a few things that need improvements such as the app and strap or the fact that you have to enter the putts manually and its lack of club tracking. But, the bottom line is that it is still a top notch device even if you consider the few flaws.