Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge Review

Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge Review

The classic blade style and the high polish finish are the two elements that steal the show when it comes to the Harmonized Golf Wedge. Although both improve its appearance, they are still functional features that make this one of the best golf wedges for different types of golfers. This wedge also features some aggressive grooves to maximize the spin, sole grind for delicate shots and a stainless steel head construction. The steel shaft comes in a regular flex, and the wedge is 34 inches long and with a grip that provides a sure/confident feel.

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You can always expect to get something that is high performing and durable if you choose to buy Wilson golf products because the company has a good reputation. The affordable Harmonized is their best golf wedge at least according to customer reviews, and its performance does not disappoint. And although it still does not perform as good as the more expensive brands it will still help you make some excellent and accurate shots from the sand, rough or fairway.

Also, it is quite durable despite its small price tag thanks to the stainless steel head material. And if spin is your number one concern this is the wedge for you thanks to the aggressive grooves. However, there are still some minor shortcomings like the small grip that you should take into account before buying it. But, weighing between the good and bad elements, the bottom line is that this wedge is worth trying out.