Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer Review

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What is Zepp Golf swing analyzer and what are its specifications?

The Zepp is a small wearable device that is clipped on the top part of your golf glove, and it tracks all the essential components of your swing. The Zepp tracks components such as hip rotation, swing plane, tempo, and club speed and backswing position. It does all this with the help of an app on your smartphone or tablet, and it is a must have for any golfer who wants some pointers on how to improve their game. The Zepp measures 6 inches in height, 6 inches in width and 1.63 inches in depth. This device is green and comes with a one-year parts and labor warranty.

How to use Zepp Golf swing analyzer ?

Zepp golf swing analyzer has been designed to be extremely easy to use even for those with little knowledge about golf wearables. To use this device, you will first need to download the free Zepp app on your Smartphone or tablet. Next you will need to attach the device to your golf glove using the glove mount that is provided, and then you connect the device to your phone using Bluetooth. An icon will appear on the left top of the app indicating that the app and the sensor are in sync. Data from each swing will automatically appear on your tablet or smartphone screen.

Benefits of using the Zepp Sensor

Via https://www.amazon.com/

Is it worth its price?

The Zepp sensor is currently retailing at slightly under $150 on Amazon, and perhaps most people would ask if it is worth this price tag. Comparing the cost with the value of what you get from the sensor then it is probably worth much more than its current price tag.


All in all, Zepp is a useful tool that any golfer who wants to improve his or her swing must have. Morever, it will be important for the golfer to know how to interpret and implement the data they get from the device.